Founded in 2017


Black Velvet Desserts was established in May of 2017 by Missy Burns. Her desire is to create a business based on quality, professionalism, and elegance. Her desserts reflect her creative heart through unique taste and simple elegant design. Her passion is to translate the value and beauty of her desserts to others who have suffered a life of abuse and neglect.

We are all beautiful, valued, and worthy enough to pursue our dreams and live a more fulfilling life. As each of her desserts are uniquely handmade, Missy believes that each of us are beautifully and wonderfully made and our purpose is to overcome our fears and conquer our dreams.

In late 2017, Black Velvet Desserts got an official Logo (right image) that represents an abstract sense of edgy elegance and signifies the idea of strength and empowerment.

Refined Vision| 2018

After a little less than a year in business, Missy’s vision started to become more clear as she continued to grow her business. She never wanted just a bakery - she wanted a business that empowers and impacts her community. Human Trafficking had always been placed on her heart, so she decided to implement a way to support local organizations by hosting “Black Velvet Affair” events. These dessert and wine pairings allowed an outlet for Missy to show her creative skills of plated desserts. Even more, it allowed the public to experience Black Velvet Desserts and become more aware and educated about Human Trafficking.

With the generous help of Kristin (Lovely Arrows Events & Design), Joe (Testa Productions), Jackie (A Wine Lady Speaks), and 1400 Food Lab and staff, they were able to host two successful events that supported the efforts of the organization Exodus Cry.


Growth + Strength | 2019

Not only were the “Black Velvet Affair” events successful, but it also established a strong relationship that formed into a collaboration for the same passion and purpose. Kristin, of Lovely Arrows Events & Design, and Missy developed a collaboration of their two businesses to initiate a platform for them and other local businesses to work together in providing luxurious events for a worthy and important cause.

The Black Arrow Project seeks to provide elegant events for the public to experience while raising awareness and support for local anti-Human Trafficking organizations. Currently, it hosts dessert and wine pairings similar to “Black Velvet Affair” events with the addition of linking with local organizations to come speak and educate about the affects of Human Trafficking right here in Columbus, Ohio. A portion of the proceeds from tickets will be donated to each featured organization.

For Black Velvet Desserts, more growth is to be expected this year. As a hint - when you give a gift made from the heart, you show how truly valued and worthy a person is to you.

To be continued…

Great things in business are never done by one person.

~ Steve Jobs.


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