Cake: /kak/ n. 1. the statement maker. 2. best part of any celebration.

Whether it’s a simple white cake or a custom geode or watercolor styled cake, I will work with you to create the perfect reflection of your unique love story.

I offer unique cake flavors that are sure to impress your guests and add a bit more spark to your special day. My flavors change constantly with the seasons, and I am always adding new creations. Let’s face it, I like variety and I’m a mad Scientist always coming up with new concoctions - See my menu for the most recent selections.

Of course, I offer traditional flavors because sometimes you’re just craving an old fashion almond wedding cake - I get that. Whatever you choose, I will make it for you and create a beautiful cake for your beautiful day.


Dessert: /de-zert/ n. 1. The best part of any meal or party. 2. The big finale.

Leave a lasting impression with gourmet desserts that ignites that adventurer in every soul.

Just like my cakes, I offer unique collaborations of flavors that you would find in any 5 star gourmet restaurant. Mini bite sized pieces of heaven are a perfect twist on the old school slices of cake. Your guests will appreciate the variety and the ease of picking up a tart… or more, and enjoying it while the dance the night away.


Here’s the deal - your guests love you, but what they really want as a nice “thank you” gesture is a little cute box or bag of macarons, truffles, or unique sweet treats. That way they can enjoy something - perhaps with some coffee - to hold them over while they wait for you to take your beautiful pictures.

I know, it’s a fabulous idea!




Dessert Tables

I don’t know about you, but I believe desserts are a necessary element to every meeting or corporate event. Your team works hard to make your company as prestigious and valuable as possible - why not have desserts that reflect that same high-standard? Your team is worth more than a platter of chocolate chip cookies - give them a variety of elegant tarts and pastries that show how much you appreciate them.

Corporate gifts

-Coming soon!-

I’m very excited to start offering specialty gifts! That employee or team that is exceeding your expectation deserves a reward of luxurious desserts!

You’ll soon be able to choose a package and insert your own customized note of appreciation!

I know! I’m so totally stoked about it, too!

Custom Orders + Gifts



~ Coming Soon! ~

I’m very excited to announce that I will soon be offering special treat gifts!

There’s nothing better than a handmade gift of luxurious treats to show a person just how valued and appreciated they are to you.

  • Pastries + Chocolates

  • Customized notes

  • Gift wrapped.

Birthdays + Special Events

What is a celebration without cake? A boring old meeting is what it is. People are meant to be celebrated - let’s create a special cake for them to show just how special they are to us.

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Baby showers

  • Bridal showers

  • Promotions

  • Mother’s Day

  • Father’s Day

  • Holidays

  • and more!