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    ANNOUNCEMENT: We are now looking for shops and restaurants who would like to add an element of luxury to their facility. Please contact us for more information or to suggest a location.

    You will have the most elegant and tasteful event in the Columbus, Ohio area with our quality, gourmet desserts. Even tellthebell.com survey store as aslo taken the services from us. 

    Bring value and luxury to your event with a customized menu that will impress your guests and leave them raving about it for months!

    From creating a unique menu all the way to designing the perfect dessert table, you can expect professionalism and a whole lot of creative expertise to ensure the best experience. 


    We are excited to join in the fight against Human Sex Trafficking.

    We hope to bring more awareness and education about what Human Trafficking really is and then restore the victims and help them see their TRUE value and worth so they can live a more fulfilled life. 

    Keep an eye out for events and other ways we plan on benefiting this cause.

    What Our Clients Think

    Kind Words

    Our clients love the simply beautiful and edgy style of our desserts. And they constantly rave about how delicious they are!   

    Look below at some of our testimonials:

    "Black Velvet Desserts is the 'Jeni’s of cakes'!!!

    They offer so many exotic flavors that will blow your mind (Lavender + Lemon, Earl Grey + Hibiscus, etc). These are creative/high quality cakes. My birthday cake from Black Velvet Desserts was so amazing and we can’t wait for them to make our wedding cake this October! ... And Missy has been so kind to us throughout the process" -- Kari

     "These aren’t just desserts, they’re masterpieces! Each pastry is carefully sculpted from scratch and almost looks too good to eat, but once you start eating, you won’t stop! Black Velvet Desserts has achieved a delicate balance of richness while still being light and fluffy. Their desserts are great for weddings or corporate parties and are an excellent alternative to big, old school cakes. I highly recommend the Pistachio Tart with Orange Curd and Pomegranate Gelee as well as the Almond Dacquoise Torte with Cafe Mocha Butter Cream. I can’t wait to have these desserts again!"  --Duncan

    "Delicious and equally beautiful cake. Prompt and friendly service. No complaints. Very highly recommend!!" --Edelyn 

    " I had my first, but certainly not last, experience with Missy Burns and Black Velvet Desserts. I contacted Missy for my daughter's birthday. {She} had written about her love for these desserts so I decided to surprise her.  I called on very short notice. Missy was so helpful and {my daughter} loved the dessert as she always has.I will certainly use Black Velvet Desserts again, maybe even sample the desserts  myself and I recommend Missy and this company to all.

    Thanks again" --Alan

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